Festive Recipes

Aval Ladoo

Aval ladoo is an easy and quick sweet recipe that can be prepared for any festival. Today being navaratri I wanted to prepare a dish in very less time and yes this was a perfect recipe for it ! You can use normal aval instead of red aval.

Pacha payiru Sundal

Green gram Sundal / pacha payiru Sundal is a healthy snack option and can be prepared quickly as it doesn’t require overnight soaking of the lentil. The tempering is so important and adds the taste and flavour to the Sundal. You can add onions and coconut to this recipe if you like.

Channa Sundal

Sundal is a South Indian stir fry dish which is prepared using legumes. Sundals are prepared using legumes like chickpeas, corn, peanuts, green gram etc. They are easy to cook and are very nutritious. Sundals are normally prepared during festivals like Navaratri, Vinayakar Chadurthi in South India.

I have prepared Channal sundal using white chickpeas and coconut. It can be had as a snack or as an accompaniment to any variety rice.

Ada Pradhaman

Ada pradhaman is a rich and delicious traditional dessert from Kerala, South India. It is prepared by cooking rice ada in coconut milk and jaggery.

Today being Onam, thought to try this tasty dessert. You can use store bought rice ada or make it at home. I have used home made rice ada in this recipe.

Channa dal poornam kozhukattai

Tomorrow is Vinayagar Chaturthi and I thought this is the right time to post this tasty kozhukattai/ Modak recipe. This kozhukattai poornam is made with very less ingredients and was so yummy and we even had it as such !!

Dates Ladoo

Dates ladoo is one of easiest and healthiest snack / sweet. It doesn’t require any extra sugar to be added and also requires just few ingredients. It takes less than 10 mins to prepare but is so delish !! Kids love this and is a easy on the go snack for your little ones and you !!

Paneer Kheer / Paneer Payasam

A quick and easy dessert recipe which can be made for any festival. This is a rich and mouth-watering kheer that can prepared with in very less time.

Uppu Seedai

Seedai is a traditional Indian snack that can be made sweet or savory. It’s so crisp and a perfect snack . It is made mostly during Krishna Jayanthi / Gokulashtami. Uppu Seedai is a savory version and is prepared by using home made rice flour mixed with Urad dal flour and sesame seeds.

Instant Chocolate Wheat Appam

Wheat Appam is a sweet dish made during festival times like Krishna Jayanthi, Kaarthigai Deepam. We make it usually as a snack too. It’s made using wheat flour and jaggery. Here I have added white chocolate to it to make it more exciting for the kids.

Aval Payasam

I have made payasam / Kheer with the poha. It’s made for festivals like Krishna Jayanthi and is so tasty and rich. I have used thin flake poha here in this recipe but you can use medium thick flakes too.

Thengai Poornam Kozhukattai / Vella Kozhukattai

Kozhukattais are always linked to festivals for me from childhood. They are my favourite food during festivals especially Varalakshmi viratham and vinayagar chatturthi. They can be made either spicy or sweet. This is a sweet recipe made from coconut and jaggery.

Uppu Kozhukattai

Kozhukattais are a South Indian snack / delicacy prepared
especially during festival season. Uppu kozhukattai is a spicy version made during varalakshmi viratham, Vinayagar chaturti. They complement the sweet kozhukattais.


Akkarvadisal is a sweet made during festivals (Pongal) in TamilNadu. It looks similar to Sakkara Pongal but the main difference is the proportion of milk and moong dal used. I have followed my usual recipe which never fails. I have used moong dal in the recipe but you can skip it too. The rice needs to be completely cooked in milk to achieve the exact texture and taste.

Ammini Kozhukattai

Kozhukattais are a South Indian snack / delicacy especially prepared during festival season. They can be made either spicy or sweet. In this recipe, I have tried the spicy version of Ammini Kozhukattai which is my favorite.

Spicy Green Peas Sundal

Green peas sundal also called as Pattani sundal is made from dried green peas. This is a no onion, no garlic sundal with homemade spice powder. The homemade spice powder adds a special taste and flavor to the sundal.

Kala Channa / Black Chickpea Sundal

Sundal is a healthy, traditional South Indian dish which can be had as a snack. Sundal is generally prepared during festivals / poojas. It can be made using different legumes. In this recipe, I have used black chickpea / Kala channa which is rich in folates and anti-oxidants. They are protein rich and vegan.

Ellu Kozhukattai

Kozhukattais are always linked to festivals for me from childhood. They are my favourite food during festivals especially vinayagar chatturthi. They can be made either spicy or sweet. This is a sweet recipe made from sesame seeds and jaggery.

Green Gram Sweet Poli

Sweet Poli / Boli / Obbattu is a famous street food in South India, which is a flat bread stuffed with sweet lentil filling. The flat breads are generally made using all purpose flour and the stuffing is made using channa dal. Here, I’ve tried making the flat breads using whole wheat flour and the stuffing using whole green gram.

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