Welcome to Swe’s Kitchen. I’m happy that you are here visiting my little blog. A blog about healthy, tasty and mouth watering vegetarian dishes and food photography, where I’ll share my best recipes and everything I know while continuing to explore the world of cooking.

This blog has been created in 2020 as a space to share my passion for cooking and photography. I hope my posts help you with the best tasting dishes. I welcome your thoughtful feedback and comments. Let us inspire and motivate each other to keep improving the blog by sharing our ideas and thoughts.

Recent recipes

Aval Ladoo

Aval ladoo is an easy and quick sweet recipe that can be prepared for any festival. Today being navaratri I wanted to prepare a dish in very less time and yes this was a perfect recipe for it ! You can use normal aval instead of red aval.

Pacha payiru Sundal

Green gram Sundal / pacha payiru Sundal is a healthy snack option and can be prepared quickly as it doesn’t require overnight soaking of the lentil. The tempering is so important and adds the taste and flavour to the Sundal. You can add onions and coconut to this recipe if you like.

Sweet Corn Halwa

Sweet Corn Halwa is a quick and delicious dessert prepared by blending steamed corn with koya. You can prepare this during any special occasion, festivals or when you crave for something sweet. This recipe is a definite hit among all age groups.

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